Studies and data about local journalism and tech

Education and Scholarly Research

Bloom supports education and research by collaborating with students and professors who are interested in exploring the intersection of local journalism and technology.

In 2019, we contributed technology and expertise to an education program at San Diego State University with NBC 7 San Diego.

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Smart City

Smart City Research

In 2018, we began conversations with people and companies who work in the OOH or smart city space. We gathered geotagged news data from our platform to simulate opportunities and analyze pros and cons to grasp a better understanding of how local news could complement this developing field.

We are continuing to do research and run experiments.

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Community Engagement

We're curious to learn how the public's interest in their community influences their interest in local news.

In 2018, we partnered with a few folks in Washington D.C. to form ACT, which was awarded at Techstars' Social Impact competition and continues to do community engagement R&D.

In 2017, we worked with Amy Weiss at San Diego State University to conduct a nation-wide survey of community engagement habits and preferences (Download the results).

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Our blog is filled with research and experiences from Bloom's team about the potential impact of location technology in journalism. Each article is directed towards a specific perspective or problem that we've encountered and offers suggestions for how we can all work towards a solution.

Recent posts include:

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Updates about the technology and research that makes Bloom an innovative tool for journalism.

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