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Our name is Bloom Labs, but you can call us Bloom.

Bloom is a geolocation platform that helps to inform and influence local communities by improving how journalism is communicated. We provide tools for publishers to geotag local stories and for you discover stories happening in your neighborhood using local search and interactive maps.

Our Story

Bloom was created to improve how online information is communicated locally between people - neighbors, tourists, or anyone. For years, we studied and experimented with ideas that closely connected people with conversations, advice, emergencies, and so on. Our mission was to bring this online information closer to the real-world, on-the-ground.

In 2015, we narrowed in on community journalism, one of the most important, yet struggling, industries online. Despite the challenges that local publishers are facing, we see great potential for local news today and we're determined to help them find ways for it to flourish online.

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Our Founder

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Stephen Jefferson

Stephen grew up just outside of Washington DC, working as a web developer and strategist for small businesses and non-profits throughout the region. In high school, he formed a non-profit to raise awareness for skateboard parks in northern Virginia. Since then, he has contributed to more than a dozen community projects from around the world.

He recently completed the 2016 Tow-Knight Entrepreneurial Journalism fellowship in NYC.


Updates about the technology and research that makes Bloom an innovative tool for journalism.

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