Comment Policy

Last updated: May 21, 2019

This Comment Policy describes factors for how comments on Bloom are considered acceptable or not acceptable and explains Bloom's comment moderation protocol. It is required to read and agree to this policy before proceeding to submit comments on Bloom.

1. Introduction

Comments are welcomed on Bloom by registered Users on individual Posts (i.e. News or Event). A User may submit a comment that they deem is relevant to the given Post based on their personal knowledge or opinion. Comments submitted are published publically to Bloom for other Users to read and respond to themselves with their own comment or action such as Thumbs Up (i.e Like).

Public-accessibility of comments may be exclusively restricted to certain Users if the comment author belongs to a service that has chosen to make their user engagement private. For example, this applies to Publishers and Hosts who have a Bloom newsletter and wish to have their subscribers collectively engage within their own exclusive space on Bloom. Additional restrictions may be applied to limit Users from submitting comments that are outside of a predetermined geographic range. For example, if a User is subscribed to City ABC, they may be limited to only submit comments on Posts that have been geotagged within City ABC. These restrictions are chosen by the Publisher or Host providing the service on Bloom.

2. Factors for Acceptability

Comments on Bloom are free-form, which allow the User to type their desired comment using a text field. With such freedom, there are restrictions in place to ensure that certain words, statements, and other forms of text are appropriate for a public audience. Text may be determined to be not acceptable if it meets any of the following factors:

  1. Curse words;
  2. Statements that advocate illegal activity or discuss an intent to commit an illegal act;
  3. Statements that are racist, vulgar, obscene, pornographic, or indecent items;
  4. Statements that threaten, abuse, libel, defame, invade privacy, stalk, doxx or harass others;
  5. Proprietary material of a third party, including violating copyrights or trademarks;
  6. Statements that are purposely repeated to create redundancy;
  7. Statements that impersonate or misrepresent a User's connection to an entity or person;

3. Moderation Protocol

To ensure comments meet the Factors for Acceptability listed above, a manual moderation process is automatically included as a checkpoint for quality and appropriateness. After the User has submitted a comment, a task will be created for Bloom administrators to review the comment's text and respond with either Approval or Denial. If approved, the comment will be automatically published. If denied, the User will see a “Denied” note next to the comment and the comment will not be publically visible to other Users.

4. Data Storage and Privacy

Comment data including its author, text, and actions (Thumbs Up or Like) are stored and processed on Bloom with respect to the general protocols stated in Bloom's Privacy Policy.

5. Policy Changes

Bloom reserves the right to change this policy should it be deemed advisable to do so. If any significant changes are made that affect the use or disclosure of personal information, Bloom will make reasonable efforts to notify all users of the changes either by notifying users by email or publishing a notice on the services.

6. How to Contact Bloom

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact Bloom by email at


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